NTRK & Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is a targeted and precise approach to treatment based on a particular genomic profile. Among cancer patients,  precision medicine is accomplished by looking for unique biomarkers as target of therapy.

Neurotrophic tropomyosin receptor kinase (NTRK) gene rearrangements have recently emerged as targets for cancer therapy due to  development of selective inhibitors of constitutively active fusion proteins. Fusion proteins are proteins expressed in tumor cells due to molecular alterations.

Molecular alterations can arise in an individual due to gene activating point mutations, rearrangements, in-frame insertions, deletions or amplifications (Amatu A., 2015).

NTRK fusions are taking on a more important role, because of new clinical trials of investigation agents that bind to NTRK fusions.  For example, there is an open TRK fusion clinical trial, that is actively enrolling any solid tumor patient with NTRK fusions (STARTRK-2), with more information on the NTRK trial website.